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Witness Evidential Mediumship

With international psychic medium, Dawn Collins


Do you want to experience the electric atmosphere of a live mediumship demonstration?


Are you curious to see evidence that the spirit world exists?


Are you hoping for a message from a loved one?

Evenings that make you laugh and cry

My live events are very special. When we gather together to witness the power of the spirit world you might think it will be a serious affair, but it’s time to think again. My events are filled with humour, with messages coming through that make us laugh, cry and gasp with their accuracy.

I never know who will come through, I am the bridge between two worlds and through me, the spirit world are invited to communicate. Messages come through for people in the room, from loved ones recently passed or gone for a generation, but whoever comes through with a message knows exactly what you need to hear.

You could really feel the connection

“Such an amazing night, beautiful messages and evidence from spirit. Love your humour and the way you bring compassion and love along with a good laugh and tears.”

Bec Bregs

Upcoming events

Dawn’s latest events at York and Woodanilling sold out within days!

But don’t worry, new events are coming soon. Check back here or on Dawn’s Facebook page for details.

Some comments from Dawn’s hugely successful event in York on 21st May 2022…

Wow, you are amazing!

You help people connect to their loved ones and give them the messages they need. Tonight was amazing!”

Ana Sofield

Book Dawn for your event

Dawn is a veteran in the business who pioneered live demonstrations of mediumship in Perth. She has been delivering extraordinary events to audiences large and small for over 27 years.

Dawn is a renowned and sought-after medium who is dedicated to sharing her gifts with the world, so people can witness messages from the spirit world and know that their loved ones can (and do) communicate with them.

If you want to book Dawn for a group event, then we encourage you to get in touch.

So pleased to host this event!

“Such a great evening last night with Dawn Collins. The Toodyay CRC were so pleased to be able to host this event again and we look forward to you returning back to do another one Dawn.”

Sandra Quinn