‘I went to see Dawn about a family situation. Dawn is just a gorgeous person who made me feel relaxed immediately. She described my grandfather and uncle who have passed so accurately. I was deeply comforted by her messages and this bought light to a very stressful period of my life. Thankyou Dawn, see you in June with my mum! Don’t hesitate to see Dawn, she has a unique gift and she is just a beautiful earth angel’

Sandra Rose

“My meeting with Dawn was unique and stands out from any other spiritual reading I have ever received throughout my life.

 I felt the presence of two of my loved ones who had passed on, in the most uncanny way. The reading was very intimate and Dawn made links with two of my closest souls, and identified details that were only known to me. I felt safe with Dawn and was tearful and emotional as I shared those special moments with my beloveds, in her calm presence. I am grateful for Dawn’s gift of mediumship and for her beautiful and caring heart.

I now feel as if those who have passed on are only a whisper away and know I can call on my loved ones when I need them.

If you surrender and allow Dawn’s gift to connect with you, then the mysteries of the unknown will reveal themselves.

I felt the messages I received from the spiritual world were accurate and were appealing to my “higher self”.

That is why I trust Dawn’s gift. I felt Dawn was able to provide guidance and she helped me to get in touch with and listen to my own inner truth”


What a great and heart warming night. So many connections were made for people including myself. Great links to each person that brought tears, laughter and joy! Dawn’s work is invaluable and her dedication on our behalf to help with healing and communication is immeasurable! Thank you Dawn for your dedication to all.


Omg I would love to come to one of these to see you again I remember one when I was younger was so amazing Dawn your such an amazing person with so much talent and such an amazing gift xxx

Kim Copling

I would love to say thank you for your care and guidance over the past few years, you have become both my therapist, friend and spiritual mentor. Your words of wisdom and kindness allow me to tackle all challenges with a sense of calmness and knowing it will work out just how it is suppose to, which it always has. Each reading has been a large focus on Who I am, Where I will be and How I will get there. As the timing of all my readings although booked months earlier seem to occur right when I have found myself in a transitional phase in some aspect of my life.

Dawn has given me the confidence to continue on a new career path, focus on my creativity all while reminding me that I am exactly where I am suppose to be right now. The specific points she has raised over the years have always been accurate, even if they don’t come through exactly how I first saw them. I will always recommend Dawn to anyone who is feeling lost and unsure as her ability to reassure and provide confirmations leaves me in awe and amazement.

Again thank you so much Dawn, you will never truly know how much you have help me to become the women I am today.

Hayley Gerbes

Thank you so much Dawn Collins for your incredible reading.
You are so spot on, extremely compassionate and I just love the way you run your session. You are a powerful medium, and I was very lucky to have seen you!

I went away feeling nurtured, calm and in control of my life. Also felt my “ magic “ return after suffering some trauma over the last couple of months. So a big thank you.


Dawn has been my spiritual mentor for six years. She’s a great teacher very encouraging and very supportive and great fun to be with good sense of humour. In Dawn’s classes we learn a covering all different aspects of spirituality and clairvoyance.


Meeting Dawn for me, has been the most rewarding experience and one I would highly recommend.

My first experience was when I attended a public demonstration from Dawn in Applecross. I had no expectations that night however,  I was amazed to be given a message that was so completely mine I could never have expected to receive it. I have since gone on to not only have a personal reading with Dawn but attended her teaching and healing sessions.

Dawn connects on our behalf to our families and friends who are no longer physically with us, to bring healing, answers or just a hello, so we can move forward in our lives. Not only is Dawn committed to bringing these connections together on our behalf, she is a dedicated teacher and healer with a wealth of experience.

Jen Ahern

Dawn is a radiant, gifted Psychic Medium who is truly special and gifted with her abilities.

I have had many readings with Dawn over the years.  I have found her to be a bright shining light that is able to offer guidance and support. She conveys wonderful messages from spirit and loved ones in the spirit world, offering comfort and allowing you to move forward positively.

Dawn has helped me personally on many different levels, during some challenging times and I was able to get the confirmation, guidance, and support to help me make the changes in my life that were required.  This has allowed me to find my way back on my spiritual path and find peace and fulfilment within myself.

Martha Hill

Cannot believe how amazing you were on Friday Night !!! You are truly gifted and the messages you left us with have had me walking on air for days!!! I might have to wait months for a booking but it’s worth it!!! Thank you xx

Lisa Carine