Hi, I’m Dawn

Psychic medium, spiritual mentor and teacher

I help you find guidance, connection and comfort through communication with spirit.

Dawn Collins standing with background

Upcoming workshops

Dawn is excited to announce the following workshops and events! 

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Psychic Mediumship Demonstration

Returning to Settlers House in York Saturday 22nd June

For bookings, contact Settlers House:

  • Phone 6941 1884, or
  • Email settlershouseyork@westnet.com.au

Do you want to…


Soul Guidance

With a psychic reading that helps you understand your journey.


Messages from Spirit

Let Dawn unite the world of spirit with our human realm so you can connect to lost loved ones.


Your Gifts

Join Dawn for weekly classes to unlock your psychic potential.


Live Events

Evidential mediumship bringing you messages of love and guidance.

Welcome home beautiful soul

You’re here because you are looking for more, maybe you’re a spiritual explorer on your own journey or are seeking confirmation that the world of spirit is real with evidential mediumship.

Wherever you are there is guidance waiting to unfold for you here…

  • If you are seeking answers, know you will hear the wisdom of your soul with a psychic reading.
  • If you are grieving, know you will be comforted through the presence of your loved ones in a spiritual reading.
  • If you are looking for spiritual direction, be assured your path will illuminate with my mentoring and teaching.

Think of me as a bridge between two worlds, a channel for psychic connection, healing and your highest spiritual growth.

Is a Psychic reading right for me?

Are you looking for guidance and direction?

Do you want to receive spiritual healing?

Do you want answers to questions on love, career or health?

Whether you’re a curious first-timer or a spiritual connoisseur, a psychic reading will unlock the wisdom is waiting for you in the next dimension.

When you choose a psychic reading, I’ll show you how to journey home to your own magical soul, tuning in to your true nature, finding your untapped potential and revealing your gifts.

Psychic readings can be delivered individually or in a small group, in person or online.

Incredibly Accurate

Dawn you were amazing. Your accuracy is incredible knowing names, nicknames, birth places, dates and family members. You made us all laugh and cry. What a fantastic night, I’m looking forward to having an appointment with you.

Carol Allen

My Story

Hi, I’m Dawn, an international psychic medium who’s had more conversations with spirit than anyone else! Because I inherited my gift as a young child, my communication with the spirit world feels like second nature. I’ve known from a very young age life is continuous, love lives on, and spirit can communicate with us. For the last more than 35 years I’ve been sharing this professionally with the world with messages of love and hope through readings, events and mentoring.

I take a light-hearted look at life…

I don’t believe in taking life (or myself) too seriously. My sell-out public demonstrations are sprinkled with humour and people are surprised at the fun and lightness spirit brings to the room.

I’m passionate about helping people unlock their own spiritual gifts, whether that’s honing their psychic potential, developing their intuition, or stepping into their calling as a medium. Over the years I’ve been coached by some of the world’s leading mediums and I’ve helped others to step into their power and change lives.