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I help you find guidance, connection and comfort through communication with spirit.

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  • From the minute I walked into Dawns divine space, I was home. Dawny helped me bring my spirt guides and ancestor to the forefront of my life, changing my direction with so much love and support. Sitting with Dawn and my tribe at “Spirit School “ is a huge part in my ongoing developed in my journey to heal and Aid Whoo Whoo in her Quest to share all spirt has for us to behold. CxCxCx

    nicole ward Avatar nicole ward

    Dawn is a wonderful woman who created a very safe space to relax and unwind for the reading. I got some amazing information relating to family who have passed and my current life and path. I would really like to go back to her with more questions, the problem i have is narrowing down the questions. Haha. Sometimes its overwhelming to know what i want to ask. But Dawn still makes it possible to reach for some communication from the cosmos to give some sense of guidance and clarification. I hope to be able to visit her again this year.

    Bali Warbrick Avatar Bali Warbrick
  • Dawn Collins left me absolutely speechless after a private one on one reading. Dawn's accuracy on her past and present brought me to tears. I strongly recommend Dawn for any answers connections or guidance.

    Nicola Ashe Avatar Nicola Ashe

    Most amazing thing i’ve ever experienced. Most beautiful person as well. It really helped me give me some peace of mind.

    mackenzie sutherland Avatar mackenzie sutherland
  • Wow! Dawn Collins will blow you away with her exceptional gift. I have seen other psychics over the years and none could hold a candle to Dawn or her accuracy. Dawn was able to pick up so much about me and those around me. Most of all she gave me reassurance and peace after a loss. Everything I could have hoped for and more. On top of her gift she is also an exceptionally warm and kind person who makes you feel safe. I am so grateful that I was able to see her.

    Danica Spurr Avatar Danica Spurr

    Fantastic reading with Dawn 😇 highly recommend Blew me away how she was on the mark with it all Thank you Dawn 🌻

    Tracey Stevens Avatar Tracey Stevens
  • Dawn has such a warm nature and delivers the most insightful and mind-blowing information in a compassionate, easy way. She has a natural gift, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking comfort and guidance.

    Justine Glucina Avatar Justine Glucina

    Excellent Reading! Absolutely lovely lady. Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

    Jennie Mason Avatar Jennie Mason
  • I had the most magical experience with Dawn last week. I had lost a very close family member very suddenly and had lots of unanswered questions. Dawn was able to clarify all my concerns and worries . I was absolutely blown away with how accurate Dawn was. I can’t thank you enough Dawn for putting my mind at ease and for allowing me to reconnect with my loved ones that have passed . It meant so much to me . You are really an earth angle. Thank you so much Dawn 💞💞

    Melissa Bralich Avatar Melissa Bralich

    Dawn is amazing beautiful soul and a first class medium ❤️ recommend 💯

    Emma Dobra Avatar Emma Dobra
  • Thank you so much for such a great workshop experience. All the information you shared was so helpful; I'm sure I'll continue to see benefits from it for a long time to come. Thanks for the valuable feedback of our work and allowing us to hold space in a safe environment.

    Belinda Sloan Avatar Belinda Sloan

    Was an amazing experience, highly recommend going to see Dawn.

    Monique Menz Avatar Monique Menz
  • Today I attended Dawns Surrender to Spirit workshop. Dawn is a brilliant teacher and guide, down to earth, kind and really knows her craft. I got so much out of the experience and am looking forward to attending more of her workshops to experience Dawns magic. Highly recommended. 💜✨

    Breathwork With Shanie Avatar Breathwork With Shanie

    Dawn has been a great source of comfort and a wonderful confidant for over 25 years she helped us to navigate the ups and downs in live. Dawn makes you feel like family she is a warm and loving person who I could not recommend more highly. I will continue to go back to her time and time again as she provides me peace, acceptance and gives me strength to keep moving forward in this life. I have so much love and respect for what she does and with such a healing and loving heart.

    Mel Armstrong Avatar Mel Armstrong
  • Dawn made me feel so calm in my private reading. I left feeling lighter! She truly is talented and my reading was everything I needed to hear. I will be back most definitely she was worth the wait! Thank you Dawn

    Rachel Mazza Avatar Rachel Mazza

    An amazing evening with Dawn. Her accuracy and warmth on point as always! Thank you Dawn xx

    Cyndi Giles Avatar Cyndi Giles
  • I have been seeing Dawn since 1996. As a young woman I’d just lost my Dad and was desperate to connect with him. I’d never had a mediumship reading before, I found Dawn’s advertisement in the newspaper and was lucky enough to book in for a reading. Dawn told me my parents’ names, their occupations and brought my Dad through - this is in the days before social media and household internet so there’s no way Dawn could possibly have looked me up, she didn’t even have my surname - I was amazed by how much she brought through. It was the most profound healing experience of my life in which I not only got messages from my Dad but I was able release the guilt that was weighing me down that I had not spoken to my Dad in the months before his death. I walked out feeling at peace as well as a new discovery about myself that I am also a medium. Over the years I went back to Dawn many times for guidance. She even predicted my blue parrot coming into my life at a time when I was terrified of birds, I thought for once she’d gotten something wrong. Years later that blue parrot came into my life and has now been with me for almost 15 years. Since finding out about my own abilities I knew Dawn had to be the one to teach me and patiently waited for her begin her classes. Dawn has now been my mentor for 10 years. Dawn has a gentle and informative teaching style that is suitable for beginners through to advanced students. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and have met some great friends. I have the utmost faith and trust in this beautiful lady who has gently guided me in the development of my own mediumship. I feel truly blessed to have met Dawn, my life has taken a direction I never imagined was possible. I can fully recommend Dawn as both a brilliant psychic medium for those who wish for insight and connection to their loved ones and also as a mentor who will guide you toward your full potential as a developing medium and/or psychic.

    C L Avatar C L

    Hi guys Charlie here I met with Dawn today what a lovely lady she made me deal so relaxed and comfortable I was so nervous however after my experience with Dawn I walked away with such joy in my heart and appreciate what she was able to offer me through this experience and contact with loved ones I high recommend her services I walk away a strong more happy and confident person 🙏❤️

    Charlie Nichols Avatar Charlie Nichols

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Incredibly Accurate

Dawn you were amazing. Your accuracy is incredible knowing names, nicknames, birth places, dates and family members. You made us all laugh and cry. What a fantastic night, I’m looking forward to having an appointment with you.

Carol Allen

My Story

Hi, I’m Dawn, an international psychic medium who’s had more conversations with spirit than anyone else! Because I inherited my gift as a young child, my communication with the spirit world feels like second nature. I’ve known from a very young age life is continuous, love lives on, and spirit can communicate with us. For the last more than 35 years I’ve been sharing this professionally with the world with messages of love and hope through readings, events and mentoring.

I take a light-hearted look at life…

I don’t believe in taking life (or myself) too seriously. My sell-out public demonstrations are sprinkled with humour and people are surprised at the fun and lightness spirit brings to the room.

I’m passionate about helping people unlock their own spiritual gifts, whether that’s honing their psychic potential, developing their intuition, or stepping into their calling as a medium. Over the years I’ve been coached by some of the world’s leading mediums and I’ve helped others to step into their power and change lives.