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You’re here because you are looking for more, maybe you’re a spiritual explorer on your own journey or are seeking confirmation that the world of spirit world is real with evidential mediumship.

Wherever you are, there is wisdom and guidance waiting to unfold for you.

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Whether you’re looking for guidance with a psychic reading, or a connection with spirit, Dawn will tailor your reading to encompass either, or both, as she is attuned to what your soul needs at the time of your reading.

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Please note that Dawn is often booked out months in advance; please make your booking and you will be offered a place on the waitlist for a sooner booking if one becomes available.

Psychic Readings

If you are seeking answers, know you will hear the wisdom of your soul with a psychic reading.

Spiritual Readings

If you have lost a loved one or are grieving, know you will be comforted with messages from spirit.

Spiritual Learning

If you are looking for spiritual direction, awaken your psychic and intuitive self with mentoring, teaching and immersive workshops.

Mediumship Events

If you want to feel the electric atmosphere of a live mediumship demonstration, then join me in a live event.

Dawn is an Incredible Medium

“You’re an incredible medium and an amazing human and I feel lucky to have you as my mentor and friend.”

Lisa Chapman