Psychic Readings

Private Psychic Readings

Get clarity and direction

You’ve always known your physical experience is just one dimension of who you are, and now you’re ready to hear the guidance of your soul with the help of a psychic reading.

Dawn is a natural psychic with over 27 years’ experience, discovering her psychic abilities in childhood. Since then she has read for thousands of people, helping them find answers, gain insight and make decisions so they can life happy, confident and healthy lives.

Feeling stuck in love, life or career?

Right now you’re at a crossroads. You’d love to get direction from a higher source, to help you make the right decisions in love, career, business, finances or family.

Does this sound familiar…

  • You feel torn and are struggling to make a difficult choice
  • You doubt yourself and worry about the decisions you make
  • You’ve been hurt and find it difficult to trust yourself (and others)
  • You struggle with self-belief, confidence and feeling worthy

A psychic reading will help you to get clarity on your direction, understand your purpose and how you soul is guiding you towards this higher goal. You’ll walk away with confidence in yourself and guidance for the future.


Knowing Your Path

You feel confident and sure of the choices you make.

Trusting Yourself

You live your truth knowing your soul guides you.

Feeling At Peace

You are in your power, calm, grounded and wise

How a Psychic Reading Works

A psychic reading can take place in person, on the phone or online. You’ll have time to relax, ask questions and be open to hearing the insights your soul wants to unlock.

As a natural psychic, I can tune in and read your journey without tools like tarot, palm reading or runes. My gift is in connecting with you at a soul level to find the wisdom you need but aren’t able to access yourself.

Please note: Dawn is booked approximately 6 months in advance. When you book, please let Dawn know if you would like to go on a cancellation list in case an earlier appointment becomes available.