Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings

Connect to Your Loved Ones

When you lose someone, you long to connect again, to know they are safe and well in spirit form. You look for signs they are still with you, watching over you and supporting you from the spirit world as you heal. 

As a psychic medium, I’ve been supporting people through grief and loss for over 27 years. I’m dedicated to sharing with you what I’ve learned from a very young age; that life is eternal, love never dies and your loved ones are still with you.

As the channel that joins the two worlds, I bring the spirit world in direct communication with our earthly plane. In this way I deliver messages of hope, love (and sometimes a little nagging) from spirit. 

There is light ahead

Grief hurts. It aches. It leaves you lost in a fog. As much as friends, family and neighbours want to help, they just don’t know what to do or say.

But I do.

As a psychic medium I’ve helped thousands of people around the world connect to spirit in private and small group readings. Through a spiritual reading you’ll be supported in your grief and hear that life is eternal, love prevails, and your loved ones live on.  

The messages you need to hear

“You are amazing as always. You help people connect to their loved ones and give them the messages they need.”

Ana Sofield

How a Spiritual Reading Works

A spiritual reading can take place in person, on the phone or online, and allows you time to relax, ask questions and be open to hearing messages from spirit.

As an experienced medium, I’ll invite spirit to communicate during our session and trust that they will provide the wisdom, guidance and healing you need, however, I cannot guarantee who will come through.

Think of me as the bridge between two worlds, helping unite you with your loved ones so you can hear inspiring messages of love and hope (and occasional nagging) that guide you on your journey.

Please note: Dawn is booked approximately 6 months in advance. When you book, please let Dawn know if you would like to go on a cancellation list in case an earlier appointment becomes available.

My son is still with me

“Beautiful words, I had a sitting with you 20 years ago after I lost my son and spiritually you brought him back to me and he’s still with me, thank you.”

Barbara Morris